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The University Business Linkage Cell of the Uva Wellassa University is enthusiastic to connect the innovations and inventions of the University to the requirements of the industry. We are targeting the collaboration between the university with government and private sector industries that transform the scope of research to a new pathway that will elaborate economic and social development of the country. We direct the potential technologies, products and
services born in the university to the most suited industries aiming the sustainable development and problem solving. We also encourage the growth of local enterprises through creating talented and skillful graduate entrepreneurs who foster the requirements of the country.






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Signing of a Non-exclusive License Agreement with Thanuki Products
March 12, 2022

University Business Linkage Cell of Uva Wellassa University was able to sign the first license agreement…

Workshops for the Department of Co-operative Development
March 11, 2022

UBL Cell organized three workshops for the Department of Co-operative Development for the purpose of enhancing…

Workshop on “Post-Covid 19 Era and Innovations”
March 11, 2022

This workshop was organized for the purposes of enhancing the awareness of the Junior Academics on…

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``What students and inventors Say``

What they get, What they want, How things Happen, etc etc

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    UBL Cell provides a great support to the researchers of UWU through number of ways including,  conducting  prior  art  searches,  patent  drafting, patent  filing, market  research, commercialization  and supporting in conducting market-oriented research. I  could file  six patents successfully and commercialize my inventions through the support of UBL Cell. As a researcher, I  really appreciate  the effective and efficient support and guidance provided by the UBL Cell under flexible and understanding working environment.

    • Ms. Madushika Keshani Ranasinghe (BASc., MSc in FST)
    • Senior Lecturer
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    I am proud to mention that I am developing my own business with the support and guidance of the UBL Cell. UBL Cell creates the platform to convert the theories we learn in the classroom to real time experiences.

    As  undergraduates, we get the  opportunity to face to the  practical  situations that come up  in the industry and it  makes us sharp  enough  to stand alone as successful entrepreneurs in the future.

    • Ms. Isuri Vinoma
    • Undergraduate Student