Uva Wellassa University

Synthesizing a Novel Paper Material from Panicum maximum

  • Patent Application No: LK/P/20592
  • Features of the Product:
  • Panicum maximum is an invasive grass species found in all over the country.
  • This plant is a weed which regenerate very fast and absorb nutrients from the soil rapidly reducing the productivity of the soil. The only use made by using this weed is feeding livestock.
  • Solution: Converting Panicum maximum into Paper
  • This paper can be produced in any gauge
  • This innovation is 100% biodegradable and edible.
  • Industrially applicable simple production process allows mass scale production.
  • Cost of production is less than 1 LKR per A4 size sheet.
  • Alternative raw materials: Rice and wheat, Straw, Bagasse, Jute, Cotton rags, Grasses