Uva Wellassa University

An Antimicrobial, Biodegradable and Edible Casing/Film Developed from Egg White Proteins

  • Patent Application No: LK/P/20595
  • Features of the Product:

This invention is a good substitute for polythene based nondegradable packaging materials. Egg white protein is the major functional ingredient used in the current innovation while creating a market value for less marketable eggs such as pullet eggs, under sized, mutant or shapeless, damaged and infertile eggs produced in farms and hatcheries. This product does not contain any odor or any other undesirable properties. It is 100% biodegradable, moisture proof and edible. This product contains an antimicrobial effect that is an added advantage in utilizing packaging industry. Industrially applicable simple production process allows mass scale production of this material. Cost of production is less than 100 LKR per 1000 cm2 of final product with 0.1 mm gauge.