Uva Wellassa University

A Biodegradable Coating Material for Paper Boards that Replaces Polythene Cover.

Patent Application No: LK/P/20594

Features of the Product:

  • Produced with keratin extracted from poultry feathers collected in slaughter houses.
  • The product has laboratory experiment proven excellent moisture barrier properties.
  • This innovation can replace polythene cover or polythene laminate of paper boards/corrugated boxes.
  • This coating material is 100% biodegradable and 2 mL of the solution covers 10 cm x10 cm of area.
  • Easy to apply by spraying or coating, therefore, less labor required compared to packing in polythene covers.
  • No odor or any other undesirable properties imparted to the paper board.
  • Industrially applicable simple production process allows mass scale production.
  • Cost of production is less than 18 LKR per 100 mL of final product.