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More Inventions with Details

A Biodegradable Coating Material for Paper Boards that Replaces Polythene Cover.

A Gluten Free Finger Food for Toddlers

A Fruit Incorporated Paneer Based Snack Bar

A Fruit Leather

Fish Wafer- A Fish Based Ready to Eat Snack

A Multi-Functioning Food Additive with Thickening, Stabilizing and Binding Properties by Using Jack Fruit Seeds.

A Method of Developing a Seaweed Based Ready- To-Serve Beverage

A Low-Cost Cheese Substitute for Catering Purposes

An Antimicrobial, Biodegradable and Edible Casing/Film Developed from Egg White Proteins

Synthesizing a Novel Paper Material from Panicum maximum

An Edible Dessert Cup Using Jackfruit Seed Powder & Kohila (Lasia spinosa) Rhizome Powder

Patent Title Patent Application No. Filing Date Applicant Inventors
A method to develop a multi-functioning food additive with thickening, stabilizing and binding properties by using jack fruit seeds. LK/P/20596 08/07/2019 UWU Dr. J.T.V.C. Jayawardena
Dr. J.C. Pitawala
Ms. J.I. Udani
A low cost method to synthesize an eco- friendly, renewable and novel paper material from Panicum maximum. LK/P/20592 08/07/2019 UWU Dr. W.A.J.P.Wijesinghe
Ms. C.S.D.S.Maduwage
A low cost method to produce a fish based ready to eat savory snack. LK/P/20593 08/07/2019 UWU Prof. S.C. Jayamanne
Ms. G.G.N. Thushari
Mr. N.P.P. Liyanage
Ms. K.B.S. Weerasinghe
Ms. A.B. Abegunawardana
A method to produce improved moisture barrier properties of paper boards treated with keratin extracted from bird feathers. LK/P/20594 08/07/2019 UWU Ms. H.M.I.A. Uduwerella
Ms. M.K. Ranasinghe
A method to form an antimicrobial,
biodegradable and edible casing/film from ovalbumin obtain from poultry eggs.
LK/P/20595 08/07/2019 UWU Dr. E.D.N.S. Abeyrathne
Ms. M.K. Ranasinghe
Ms. R.M.T.S. Rathnayake
A method for manufacturing a low-cost cheese substitute for catering purposes LK/P/20916 31/12/2019 UWU Ms. K.M. Siriwardhana
Ms. M.K. Ranasinghe
Ms. W.M.A.A. Kulasinghe
A Method of Developing a Seaweed Based Ready-To-Serve Beverage LK/P/20965 03/02/2020 UWU Ms. G.G.N. Thushari
Mr. N.P.P. Liyanage
Ms. K.M.C.S. Karunarathne
Ms. A.B. Abegunawardana
Ms. W.M.A.A. Kulasinghe
A method for manufacturing a baked food incorporated with Rathu heenati rice flour (Oryza sativa L.), Chickpea flour (Cicer arietinum L.) and Mungbean flour (Vigna radiata L.) for Toddlers. LK/P/20962 03/02/2020 UWU Ms. M.K. Ranasinghe
Ms. W.M.A.A. Kulasinghe
Ms. A.M.O. Kanchanamala
A method of producing a fruit incorporated paneer based snack bar. LK/P/20964 03/02/2020 UWU Dr. D.C. Mudannayake
Ms. W.M.A.A. Kulasinghe
Ms. H.M.G.S. Bandara
A method to manufacture an edible dessert cup using Jackfruit seed powder & Kohila (Lasia spinosa) rhizome powder. LK/P/20963 03/02/2020 UWU Dr. B.V.A.S.M. Bambaranda
Ms. M.K. Ranasinghe
Ms. U.S. Widanaduruge