Uva Wellassa University

University Business Club of the Uva Wellassa University will be also referred as the UBC- UWU


The UWU Business Club is a student-run organization, focusing to generate a community of students who will be working together as a team, to learn how to conduct business matters hands on. The Business Club will be a destination that will allow members to convert their business ideas in to real world commercial activities after evaluating the business idea by the UBL Cell. It will deliver members with new opportunities to utilize the skills and knowledge that are learned in the classroom. UBL needs to encourage students to think beyond the individual functions of a business, and to understand the strategies that lead to sustainable success over the time. Business club prepare students to enter the business world by involving them in projects and activities where they are essential in terms of the organization.


To be a nationally recognized entity produces unrivaled entrepreneurs through a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system, adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.


To build up leadership, management skills and proficiency on entrepreneurship of UWU business club members, through promoting their values and attitudes from its members to produce outstanding entrepreneurs to the national development.


– To provide new opportunities to the members of the business club to start up their own businesses.

– To support and guide members to assure the sustainability and uniqueness of the enterprise they started.

– To educate the members on business topics by keeping the students updated on the ongoing events in the business world and allowing them to reflect on these events with fellow members.

-To promote communication and networking among students, faculty members, and alumni by connecting each group to the necessary resources that they are seeking.

– To provide members greater exposure to the world of business through guest speaker forums, club fundraisers, community service projects, and excursions to leading companies.

Organizational Structure

Fill it, and submit the signed hard copy of it to UBL Cell if reader with to file or commercialize an invention through UBL Cell.